Event Description Kid Sailing

Several years ago the Kid Sailing event started as a holiday of several yachting families. Since the holiday was a great success, the team opened up the family holiday to other families and a family fun regatta Kid Sailing came to life. The event is aimed, primarily, at parents, grand parents, children and friends who wish to enjoy  fun and non-traditional sailing in the Adriatic. Every day we moor or anchor up in a different bay or marina. The sailing itself is not long, most of the day is spent swimming, taking walks, riding bikes etc. There is always lots to do for the children. We prepare a small competition for the crew, giving the little ones an opportunity to try out transmitters, handle the boats and carry out other tasks, connected to the operation of the boats, under the supervision of their parents. Each boat is handled by a skipper, who is either a family member of a friend. If there is no skipper in the family, we will arrange for a professional skipper who will sail you safely through the holiday. Our team participates in this event with their families and we already look forward to the next year´s event. Kid Sailing has a limited capacity, so please make sure you book your boat in time.